Financial Freedom – Winning The Mental Game

There are many people who want financial freedom but somehow only a very small percentage of the population ever achieve this goal. The reason is that their minds have not been conditioned with the correct empowering thoughts. The truth is that even if an average person wins millions of dollars in a national lottery, they will inevitably lose it all because their minds have not been proportionally grown to the size of their recent good fortune. The process of personal development takes many years of diligent study and application but it is necessary for continued financial success. There are many books that can teach this but the following ten empowering beliefs will offer a solid foundation that may be built upon:

I take responsibility: You must believe that you create your life and are responsible for all outcomes. It is important to immediately stop the habit of blaming people and circumstances for your financial situation.

I keep my commitments: If you make promises to yourself or other people then make sure that you honor them. If you are unable to honor them then formally cancel the commitment as soon as possible.

I am an excellent money manager: You must take control of your financial situation. Ensure that you know how you spend every cent. Keep track of your finances and have a budget. It is also important to save 10 percent of your income for investment purposes and that you learn the skills that will allow you to grow your money.

I look for ways to create passive income streams: Passive income is money that you earn while you are not physically working. Examples of these are shares in the stock market, internet membership sites that you use to sell goods and services, royalty fees from writing a book and income from a patent or invention.

I leverage debt to my advantage: Many people believe that debt is bad and try to avoid it. It is however a powerful tool if used correctly. An example is taking out a mortgage to buy a house and then renting it. You only use a small amount of your own money for the transaction and the person renting pays off your mortgage. Another example is reward points on credit cards, make sure that you put all payments on your credit cards and pay it off completely at the end of the month. You will thus avoid interest charges but still collect reward points that you can use for flights and purchases.

I have a written set of goals: If you don’t know where you are going then you will wander aimlessly through life. You must have a written set of goals that specify in detail the things you want to achieve in the 8 major areas of your life.

I take daily action on my goals : Action is the bridge between the thoughts that you think and the desired results that you want. It is no use having goals and dreams if you don’t take the actions to create them. Develop a sense of urgency and a relentless commitment to your goals.

I admire rich people: You can only attract the things that you want if you have positive thoughts about them. If you resent and hate people wealthier than yourself then you will never get rich.

I commit to personal development: In order to handle the challenges that come with being wealthy and successful you have to grow yourself. Commit at least half an hour a day to reading a good book or listen to a recording that will inspire and teach you. Listen to the masters and nourish your mind everyday.

I am unstoppable: Many people give up on the first obstacle that they face in their march to success. You must develop the habit of fearless and relentless pursuit of your dreams. There will be many hurdles placed in your path but push through them and never quit.

These empowering thoughts can be used as declarations to be read out loud every morning. This will aid in changing your mental programming and make it easier to execute the changes that are needed. There is no quick route to financial freedom. It takes a commitment to personal development and the drive to take immediate and massive action. Every person is different so some may grasp the concepts quicker than others but it is important to stay persistent because the end goal of financial freedom is worth it and nobody will care how long it took for you to get there.

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